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The only ones to give you the GUARANTEE on your compensation!


We anticipate all expenses, medical and otherwise, relying on the best partners nationwide until compensation is obtained.


Our compensation is calculated as a percentage of the other damages. The more you earn, the more we earn. We will therefore ensure that you get the maximum possible!

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Even in the event of contributory negligence, our fees must be paid by the person who caused the damage or by his insurance company. The costs of assistance are by law part of the damage.


Over a decade of claims experience with hundreds of claims handled each year. Professional assistance to protect your rights to the fullest.


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Are you entitled to compensation?




We meet all needs thanks to contracted workshops and medical practices


We collaborate with the best forensic scientists and specialists in every branch nationwide


We take care of the entire management of direct damage to the building and its installations


We handle the claim from A to Z with no upfront fees for the client.


We face any difficulties in recognising the damage.


Priority access and 24-hour availability with a dedicated personal consultant.


Discover the service dedicated to you! A counselor will personally handle your case with no obligation


Most common doubts among our customers

Order of the Civil Cassation no. 2644/2018
"[T]he costs of out-of-court legal assistance in a road accident constitute consequential damage within the meaning of Article 1223 of the Civil Code and [...] must be compensated."

The Italian Constitution guarantees the right of defence through an advocate for the purpose of compensation for the damages as well as compensate you for the cost of your legal defence.

To put it shortly: the injured party has the right for assistance from an advocate to ensure a fair defence. The cost of this service is a percentage of the total compensation of the damage. The cost of our service however is by law part of the total cost of the compensation and will be covered in full by the insurance.

ESSEBI RISARCIMENTI wants to safeguard you in these situations as well. We don’t ask for any advance for our service and we will receive our fee when you get compensated. 

For you this means that our service will be free as it will be provided by the insurance.

The law n.4/2013 established the profession of EXTRAJUDICIAL PATRON (defender).

The standard defines the requirements for the professional activity of the Patrocinatore Straudiudiziale, i.e. the damages expert who provides out-of-court advocacy.

An out-of-court advocate is a freelance professional who provides assessment and advice to injured parties in accident compensation cases of all kinds. He is not only a mediator who "brings the parties together" in the event of a road accident or incident, but also a professional who is able to follow the entire accident process up to the recognition and settlement of fair compensation and damages for the injured party, in accordance with the regulations in force.

The timeframe for compensation following a road accident extends from 30 to 90 days from full recovery, or in the case of auto damage only, from repair of the vehicle.

With regard to general liability, the timeframe varies depending on the case. Essebi Risarcimenti guarantees a resolution in the shortest time possible under the law.

When you are the victim of an accident or other cause for which you are entitled to compensation, you may not have the financial means to pay in advance for medical expenses, vehicle repairs or assistance. Essebi Risarcimenti helps you with this. As well as providing you with ten years' experience in the sector, it anticipates all medical and other expenses through the best partners nationwide. Moreover, you won't be asked for an advance on servicing costs, you'll settle the bill once you've been reimbursed by the insurance company. 

The other party's insurance company is obliged by law to pay damages if the other party is liable, even in cases of contributory negligence. Before taking over your case Essebi Risarcimenti will assess it in the first non-binding interview to ensure that the liability is not solely your own. Once the case has been accepted, all risks are borne by Essebi Risarcimenti. In the event of a negative outcome, you will not be asked to pay any assistance fees.  


Stay up-to-date on new cases. Don't get caught unprepared, find out your rights !


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Raphael Tangianu
Raphael Tangianu
Number one company in the industry. I first approached them in 2018 and I realized that in the past I had only wasted my time with professionals who boasted skills they don't have in order to gain your assistance. Essebi Risarcimenti in the person of Dr Senette is an excellence in the field of compensation and with them I have always obtained excellent compensation and have been followed step by step by his fantastic staff until I always get what I am owed. I highly recommend him to everyone.
Azzurra Anemone
Azzurra Anemone
I will evaluate when I can. At the moment it seems to me to be a very good company
The Loreen
The Loreen
I approached them by word of mouth,for compensation that was not at all satisfactory. In a short time Nicole handled the situation,getting a compensation that was certainly adequate,I never would have hoped for. If I ever need them in the future (I sincerely hope not of course 😅) ,I will turn to them immediately, with utmost confidence. Thanks again to Nicole😊
Iolanda Fancello
Iolanda Fancello
Dr. Senette and his team were immediately kind, professional, and willing to listen to all my issues and find an optimal solution. They helped me understand how their work was being done throughout the entire practice. For any concerns they were more than willing to provide me with any clarification! They worked to enforce every right I had. They took it upon themselves to find all the professionals to perform the medical examinations, I did not worry about anything. Absolutely more than recommended company!!!
Andreas Thaler
Andreas Thaler
When you have any legal problem e.g. due to traffic accident, turn to them. They are knowledgeable and can advise you on how to proceed to get to compensation for your damages suffered.
Alessandra Murgia
Alessandra Murgia
Thanks to their professionalism, ., I got my compensation quickly.Thank you for your help.
oleksandra romaniuk
oleksandra romaniuk
Fully satisfied with your expertise, great professionalism. Very friendly staff, in a short time I got a great result Thank you very much... excellent and effective service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!
Krukowska Krukowska
Krukowska Krukowska
I would like to thank the whole team Essebi Risarcimenti for providing me with maximum support in solving my problem, thank you for your help and I recommend your firm to everyone. Grateful Edyta Krukowska